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Outsource your customer support channel to Pixelette Technologies

Our dedicated customer support agents are specialists who are exclusively dedicated to handling your customers’ calls.

Sub Services

Unlike inbound call center services, Customer support is all about demonstrating kindness and great interpersonal skills. Customer support is accessed by most people who are already using your product or services; therefore, the job demands much more delicacy. Customers must feel a personal touch and that their concerns are held above everything else.

We offer the top resourceful customer support service. It helps in assisting the customers regarding any product’s technical skills, such as documentation, installation, maintenance, refurbishment, etc. Customer retention and satisfaction is our objective of customer support service.

We are here to help you build personal and productive relationships with your customers

Welcome to the era of the internet, where almost all businesses are up and running online! In this age of the web, it is easy to lose that special bond with your customers when they are a screen behind, and you can’t reach them personally when they encounter a problem or need help on your website. That’s where we step in; Pixelette Technologies offer customer support that helps you stay connected with your customers. Our highly trained and experienced representatives will deal with your customers, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

We offer multiple solutions to your problems. From live phone calls to email and chat support, we got everything covered! The interaction is so that your customers never feel alone while engaging on your website, be it troubleshooting, placing online orders, or e-ticketing. We are always going to be there for them, and hence for you! You don’t have to worry about a thing as our well-trained and well-equipped representatives will take care of everything on your behalf. So, now you can maintain that special connection with your customers, all the while fully focusing on your business.

Pixelette is there for you so that you can be there for your customers

Technical and Non-technical support

Treating customers with compassion and empathy is our prime responsibility. We take your clients as if they are our customers. We ensure your users never have to wait in a queue or find the agent to be frustrated or overworked. Certain predefined scripts can be provided to agents that help customers with installations and troubleshooting of devices. With all the knowledge, our agents will be able to solve customer queries in a quick resolution time. Thus, improving customer happiness and service quality at the same time. Our skilled professionals can fully understand any product and provide the best customer support service, whether technical or non-technical.

Our Benefits

Customer Satisfaction

Hiring well-managed Customer Support services can increase your client’s overall satisfaction.

Technical Service

We are best equipped in providing technical support regarding any device to your customers.

Quickest Resolution Time

Our agents are focused on providing quick and easy solutions to your customers.

24/7/365 Nonstop Service

Customers may need a solution at any time, right? We ensure constant customer support even after office hours.

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