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The way you communicate with other businesses can change how your business image is perceived. Nowadays, sending unedited, quickly composed emails on the fly is an uncommon practice. Pixelette Technologies specializes in writing engaging and compelling content of exceptional quality. We convert your voice into writing, so your business directives and goals become clear to your audience.

Pixelette Technologies is always ready to become your business writing services partner. Contact us, and we will guide you through the process. Need emails, company memos, correspondences, press releases and everything related to it? We have you covered. Every piece of content is thoroughly researched, planned, analyzed and tailored for you! Our writers will craft professional messages for your business to ensure your communication is concise and clear.

Our subject matter experts create flawless Research Papers

Our writers have many years of writing experience, great testimonials and a will to create the perfect content. They will meet your deadlines and requirements while ensuring full confidentiality. Every type of content created is screened multiple times using plagiarism checkers. As a result, you will only receive original and authentic work according to your requirements to the last letter.

Moreover, as customer satisfaction is our priority, we guarantee timely delivery of your research papers without compromising quality. Our writing professionals are available 24/7 at your service, ready to start working on your research papers immediately. Our researchers and writers plan, research and analyze content thoroughly before creating exceptional research papers for you!

Whether it’s online help, product documentation or something else, your business needs technical writing to take off truly. Our expert technical writers ensure consistency and on-time delivery. We get to know your products, processes and goals before creating tailored technical writing pieces for your business. The technical writers at Pixelette Technologies are well-equipped to deliver the technical content your business needs, according to your business's goals. Our team continuously challenges itself to improve to give you the results you expect.

We collaborate with your engineers, developers, designers and everyone involved to produce the finest technical content possible for your business. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we aim to leave a lasting positive impression on our clients. Publishing quality technical content establishes your business as a trustworthy and credible name. Technical writing is more complex than regular writing as one needs a comprehensive understanding of the subject. Our writers excel at distilling a complex topic into simple writing.

Every business needs professional Technical Writing to grow

Rank your pages with our proven SEO Writing techniques

SEO campaigns have a higher chance of being successful if targeted at two specific audiences: human readers and search engine crawlers. Your content should attract both of these audiences if you want it to reach the maximum number of people. Gone are the days where stuffing keywords into writing ranked websites. As search engines have evolved, writing engaging content has become more important than ever.

Pixelette Technologies’ SEO team understands all the factors Google uses to rank websites. Our team works on each factor individually, ironing out any issues in the process. As a result, they ensure your website ranks high on search engines. Let us do the heavy lifting for you by writing SEO-optimized content while you stay free for creative thinking.

Our Benefits

No compromises on quality

Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we do not compromise on quality. Our skilled writing team and their strategies ensure the creation of attractive and engaging content.

Competitive prices

Our content writing services are available at very market-competitive prices. You will never need to pay too much for content again!

Plagiarism-free Content

You can rest assured that our team creates unique, plagiarism-free content for your business.



SEO optimized content

We understand the importance of search engine rankings. This is why our writing team uses the best writing and SEO practices to help rank your website!

We write carefully crafted, eye-catching masterpieces for you using our tried and tested strategies and techniques.

frequently asked questions

A content writer charges clients using Price per Word (PPW). Therefore the price per word multiplied by the number of words a piece consists of. This is the formula that usually gets used by freelance writers, content writing agencies, and even content writers.

Generally, technical writing is factual in nature, while creative writing is speculative. A technical writer has a specific audience. A creative writer will have a general reader/audience.

What you’re trying to do with your content is to attract your customers. Customer attention and interest are what you’re striving for. But just because your business is online and has a global audience doesn't mean everyone is your customer now.

Consider the needs of your customers. Customers have needs they want to solve; therefore, they need a place to ask questions and find answers . people can search for answers to their questions when they type something into Google. it is essential to focus your content around this point.

The answer has to do with the topic and for whom you are writing. Also, you need to know the niche for which you are writing. You may search for information on the Internet and do some research on your topic/keyword before getting started writing. Think about social media as a resource that will provide you with answers for the topic you are writing on. Also, read some books/ebooks/expert’s blogs to find out more information. As a writer, that is the first rule that you should adhere to before starting writing.

A well-written piece of content is your best shot at communicating to your audience what you are all about. It has also come with tangible benefits such as connecting with your audience, improving SEO and driving traffic to your site. However, at its core, writing content is about communication, just like speaking.





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