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Cloud computing is the present and future of computing and data storage, but data breaches and leakages are costing businesses trillions of dollars around the world.

Fight any potential breaches and cyber-threats effectively with Pixelette Technologies Cyber Security Services.

Hijacking and data breaches have become the major threats to cloud computing, and the processes and data it contains. With the introduction of Cryptocurrency, crypto-jacking is on the rise as well. Pixelette Technologies has first-class cloud security strategies and tools to block all the foul and illegal activities being attempted on your clouds. Our comprehensive security structure assures the complete safety of your clouds.

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as critical security tools is of paramount importance in cloud computing.

Pixelette Technologies knows the best use of IoT, AI, and Machine Learning in building a dynamic and comprehensive cloud security network and system. As the Internet of Things and cloud computing go hand-in-hand, we develop firewalls and threat detection systems using IoT as well for better cloud protection.
Our AI and Machine Learning based cloud security has the ability to detect and eliminate threats and vulnerabilities automatically and notify you about the threats within no time. Pixelette Technologies build security systems that are perfectly compliant with your clouds and data.

Our Benefits

Automated Security

We develop software and tools that are capable of detecting and eliminating threats automatically.


Our security systems are designed to comply with your systems, networks, and clouds with utter perfection.


Our security strategy includes the micro-segmentation of your data for better protection.

Customer Support

We are always available and ready to support our customers in any circumstances.

Pixelette Technologies is the power-house of both supervised and unsupervised security systems. You have to decide which security service you require from us.


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