Pixelette Technologies


We design mobile network evolution with a Cellular IoT.

We design the speedy communicational network with cellular IoT.

To enable the machine to machine connectivity, our experts design an advanced cellular IoT connection. We use the pre-existing cellular networks for making the IoT devices or machines accessible for data transmission. Our team of experts analyses the network coverage need and design the speedy network for the best communicational experience. It helps in statistical data transmission and device deployment management over a large area.

We make mobile broadband future of IoT.

The networks available for M2M and IoT devices are 2G, 3G, and 4G. According to IoT experts, 4G is currently the reliable network for the swift connectivity of multiple cellular-based IoT devices. The high-speed data connection helps to enhance productivity without compromising the overall performance of the IoT system. It can fit exceptionally well with various types of data transmission applications.

Our Benefits

Highly adaptable

Cellular IoT connectivity builds an expandable and adaptable network for an impressive rate of informational data transmission.

Improve the system’s mobility

Our impressive cellular IoT protocol enables the user to access, manage, and use systematic data anywhere on their cellular-based IoT devices.

Reliable IoT Network Solution

It supports the communication of massive data from one machine to another.


Cost saving

Our IoT services improve your communication network architecture without spending on additional network solution.

Our adaptive IoT network infrastructure enables IoT opportunities for sustainable growth.


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