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Allow us to develop and manage all your potential business contacts and leads with highly efficient b2b Telemarketing Services.

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Calling up every company in the phone book to find leads is no longer an effective tactic. In this day and age, private investigators are hired to do in-depth research and generates great leads for your company. A lot of data about companies and their portfolio is freely available online and is easy to obtain. For example, you can use social media such as Instagram and YouTube to dig up a lot of information about popular brands.

Pixelette Technologies has a dedicated in-house B2B Telemarketing team that generates quality sales leads for your brand. Our skilled team of full-time outbound B2B telemarketers has years of experience under their belt. Maximize your return on investment today by choosing Pixelette Technologies as your B2B telemarketing Service provider.

Let's take a look at how our team creates the perfect sales lead for you:


Onboarding is the process of educating a customer about a particular product using a phone call (mostly unsolicited). This encourages customers to get onboard to buy your products or services. A well-defined onboarding process helps your customers build trust and loyalty towards your brand.

We are 100% transparent when dealing with statistics (number of calls, contacts etc.) and market feedback, issues, and reasons for objections. Information about such things helps you identify the reasons for fewer leads. As a result, you get to know which areas in your business require improvements!

Transparent Reporting

Searching Using Qualification Criteria

To generate promising leads, our team uses the BANT system (Budget, Authority, Need, Timescales). This assists you in qualifying potential leads. Qualifying takes place during the initial cold call or during a sales presentation/pitch, or even both! Qualifying leads helps to avoid spending resources on a lead that will not benefit your business at all. Our team will ensure that only the most suitable leads generated are qualified. We understand the importance of lead qualification in B2B telemarketing.

If your business uses a CRM platform (Salesforce, Excel, Odoo etc.), we can use that to manage and monitor your campaigns more effectively. CRM integrations are vital for any company’s lead management process.

CRM Integration

Our Benefits

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Collect and verify information in real-time
Build relationships with prospective customers with ease
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Promote your content and reach a wider target audience
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Increase your brand’s outreach by procuring our services
Why Choose Us?

Pixelette Technologies understands the importance of B2B telemarketing lead generation services. Every successful organization uses one, and we are here to ensure that your sales teams are always busy growing your business! Use our B2B telemarketing services to contact the right people in big organizations to offer them your services.

Contact us today, and we will guide you through the complex world of B2B telemarketing. Pixelette Technologies guarantees customer satisfaction and delivers on time without compromising the quality of services. Let us help you increase your brand’s outreach. Grow your business by letting us represent you in front of other businesses via B2B telemarketing!

Consistently grow in B2B by partnering with us.

frequently asked questions

Telephone marketing is the sole task of initiating sales with different companies in the market via calls. The transactional nature of B2C telemarketing involves a single-step buying and selling process.

Well, there are several types of telemarketing that includes in-bound calls, out-bound calls and lead generation. Most importantly, many people and business do not prefer telemarketing as a source of marketing.





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