Why B2B Telemarketing Services?

Pixelette has core Expertise in marketing your Brand through creative B2B telemarketing Services that are most Cost-effective and efficient.

Sub Services

If you want to attract enormous business opportunities, skip away from the traditional marketing tools and jump to B2B Telemarketing. It allows you to attain quality leads with relevant niche to your Business. As the name suggests, it’s Business to Business Marketing of any service or product. It helps build your Business’s credibility, gather feedback and nourish better professional relations.
The primary mode Adopted by pixelette is inbound Telemarketing in which other companies want to know about your services, so we handle those queries or conversations on call, email and social media. At this point, our dedicated telemarketers will identify the quality leads and pass them on to sales teams.

Pixelette also uses outbound Telemarketing in which we approach the target clients without any prior contact history through the process of Cold calling.  We have a team of marketing representatives with good communication skills and persuasion ability to catch the attention of high potential clients.

Pixelette Technologies claims to provide the best telemarketing results among all B2B Telemarketing companies in Uk.

Our Golden Rules For B2B Success

The success of marketing your business and sales depends solely on Good Communication and Quality Content. Pixelette Technologies focuses on both, communicating the right thing to the right person and throws off the traditional method of scripted communication.
Lead generation is the most vital part of telemarketing services to make a thriving sales pipeline. 51% of Business owners prefer to talk on a phone call to a salesperson than via email or other mediums. So before making leads, we define our target audience so that time and resources can be secured.

Lead Generation

Brand Awareness

Along with lead generation, Pixelette works on creating your brand’s awareness. When more and more clients are familiar with your brand’s services, they are more likely to become valuable customers.
No doubt, the figures behind all working strategies are essential. It may include the number of calls and potential leads generated, unresponsive calls, brand awareness etc. Pixelette claims to provide deeply analysed reports compared to the whole database every week. Our transparent reporting provides all desired stats, recorded samples, and practical results. Along with the quantitative reports, we also focus on a qualitative report, like how the team feels about the projects’ growth? Which techniques are working and what isn’t working.

Timely Reporting

Why Choose Us?
We are the single IT company of our type that uses Artificial Intelligence technology to provide the best B2B telemarketing services. We offer complete CRM systems integration to provide you with efficient results. Pixelette focuses on effective communication and research to provide you with relevant and best potential leads. Pixelette Technologies holds a five-star rating on renowned expert platforms. We are the UK’s number one award-winning marketing agency.

Consistently grow in B2B by partnering with us.

frequently asked questions

Telephone marketing is the sole task of initiating sales with different companies in the market via calls. The transactional nature of B2C telemarketing involves a single-step buying and selling process.

Well, there are several types of telemarketing that includes in-bound calls, out-bound calls and lead generation. Most importantly, many people and business do not prefer telemarketing as a source of marketing.

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