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Reddit and NBA Announce A New Partnership

Reddit announced a new partnership venture with NBA. This partnership between Reddit and the NBA will see the league share exclusive content about NBA Finals.

As explained by Reddit:

“The partnership will see unique NBA content featured on Reddit, including a series of NBA AMAs, Ask Me Anything (AMA®) sessions on the platform in partnership with NBA and Reddit. With more than 3.9 million members in r/NBA alone, this collaboration gives NBA fans on Reddit access to content and game highlights, presented by a roster of brands.”

More than 3.9 million members of Reddit’s largest NBA subreddit, r/NBA, belong to the NBA.

Boston Celtics forward Jason Tatum will answer questions from Redditors at the new Ask Me Anything event being held today. 

Reddit says it will also share “custom game action highlights as well as NBA and WNBA content” for the users.

Read more about Reddit and NBA partnership

As the platform quietly competes for ad dollars simultaneously, brands seek to connect with the platform’s highly engaged niche audiences.

Reddit cleaning the platform

It’s community recently removed thousands of its most controversial communities as part of an overhaul to its hate speech and harassment policies.

This was a result of the #BlackLivesMatter protests in the US.

In response, Reddit’s monthly active users dropped from 430 million in late 2019 to 350 million this year, which is a tremendous turnaround.   

Despite this, it continues to see solid growth in daily active users, which may be another result of its clean-up efforts.

In addition, removing its more controversial elements will make it more inviting for brands and promotions by removing concerns regarding the content association. 

You can expect more announcements by Reddit as it continues to enhance the user experience and make the platform hate-free. 

It looks like the company is seeking to push this strategy further, and you can expect more announcements of this nature in the future as it explores the next stage of its business plans.

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