School  Management

Get ready to be digitalized

With the right tools at hand, Pixelette Technologies helps create an in-school and home experience where every student will stay connected. We offer features that will enhance your learning environment with instant messaging, on-time alerts, and effective implementation of digital changes.

Design Thinking

We provide best web application to help you manage educational tasks

We thrive to improve the performance of educational industry with timely delivered apps

We have every solution for every automated task to manage organizations and modern schools

Strengthening your school system

Our AI-based solution is filling a gap in traditional educational systems. It can manage all organization-related tasks such as curriculum planning, scheduling, financial management, QR attendance, online admission, etc.

Comprehensive approach with organized solutions

Pixelette Technologies empowers the educational industry with AI-based web applications and tools.

frequently asked questions

Well, there are plenty of benefits that you can avail from a relevant HRM service for instance your company employees will bring up best results and keepi gnthem up to date with new and profond ideas.

A company’s Customer Relationship Management takes care of how it interacts with, shares information, and develops relationships with its customers. ... Human resources management involves recruiting, hiring, and training employees.

Every business needs HRM software because A HRM system automates human resource business processes, payroll, and compliance. HRM systems enable companies to focus on people management by streamlining all workforce software into one business intelligent solution.

Most certainly HRM because HRM is a process that involves employing people, training them, compensating them, developing policies in the workplace, and creating strategies for retaining employees.





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