Pixelette Technologies

Resume Builder 

Smart career tool

Pixelette technologies develop the highly optimised resume builder to generate the professional resume, as per the job descriptions. It helps the user to add the missing items that could improve the impression of resume.

Design Thinking

Our experienced developers add progressive AI-tools to build a resourceful resume builder

The design comprises of user-friendly UI, quick resume generator, smart resume reviewer, etc

Our resume creator can generate an impressive resume for any job application

We build game-changing
resume builder

Pixelette technologies provide the highly featured and progressive web-based applications of resume builders. The user can access a variety of gorgeous templates for speeding up the resume generation process.

Our templates can connect
directly to employers

We add beautifully designed user interface with many advanced features, such as resume checker, resume writing services, resume samples, online templates, cover letter builder, etc.



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