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Pixelette Technologies provide a set of remarkable AI-powered web applications to increase the overall flexibility and assist companies in maintaining a synchronized workflow.

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We offer custom web application development for enterprises, catered to their needs for increasing efficiency and reducing the probability of human error.

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Pixelette Technologies will assist you in designing and managing the best CRM web application per your business’s unique requirements. Developing your organization’s relationship with existing and potential customers is the focal point of our CRM web applications.


Pixelette Technologies develop cutting edge Human Resource management (HRM) web applications that help you streamline your employee management process. We provide you with an integrated system that helps you keep track of all the information regarding your employees that you want to manage.

Audit And Accounts

Pixelette Technologies will create cutting edge AI programs that will assist you in all your auditing and accounting processes. Optimize your financial operation and automate them with our help.

Project Management

Let Pixelette Technologies develop the very best project management programs for your business’s needs. Using Pixelette Technologies project management programs, you will deliver results on time and within your given budget. Our project management services will help you accomplish project goals within your given constraints.

Inventory Management

Using our comprehensive inventory control applications, you can have an excellent inventory management system to save time and money while keeping your inventory stock level on the high side. We will design the best inventory management application you’ll ever experience.

Learning Management System

We intent to provide our clients with diversity of software solutions to effectively manage your organizational documents. Also, help employees to keep track of their certification and credentials. We also offer effective and professional AI-based learning services for all kinds of businesses.

Courier System

We appreciate your feedback for our courier services delivering everything at your doorstep, we have built this trust in our clients by acknowledging their criteria of needs and requirements.

SEO Tools

Pixelette Technologies uses top-notch AI-based search SEO tools to help your brand’s website rank on top of search engines with organic search and paid marketing like link building and PPC. Hire us to rank no.1 on search engines!

School Management

Our school management system uses top-most promising AI-based tools to help you manage and design a professional educational system. A well-managed school management system will include attendance, records, parents’ portal and certifications.

Hospital Management System

Pixelette Technologies has the best tools for revolutionizing the hospital management system with the use of latest AI-based tools to create advanced management services.

Property Management

Pixelette Technologies’ property management system ensures authentic guest folios for quick, accurate billing. Grow room ownership and ADR through faster time rate and availability management across distribution channels.

Point of Sale Softwares

The experts at Pixelette Technologies help you turn your mobiles and laptops into a powerful point of sales.  Also, we help you manage sales, inventory, and employees effortlessly; engage customers, and increase your revenue.

Library Management System

Pixelette Technologies’ library management system increases the efficiency of both the librarians and the library users. It empowers librarians to effortlessly list books and keep proper records of books issued, returned, reissued, and not returned.





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