Private Blockchain provides services to only those users who have your permission to use it

Are you looking to set a network of Private Blockchain to expand your Business? Let Pixelette Technologies give you a hand with that.

Private Blockchain offers limited access to its users. As the name indicates, a Private Blockchain provides services to only those users who have your permission to use it. This means that only a selected group of people will be able to use a Private Blockchain Network. Anyone who is not registered within your system will not benefit from your services. Pixelette Technologies will help you design a Private Blockchain Network for the scaling of your Business.

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For obvious reasons, A Private Blockchain Network is better than A Public one. In a Private Blockchain, unauthorized users get easily filtered out, paving the way for a smooth-running blockchain network that is less likely to be sabotaged by cyberattacks. It's quality of providing services to a selected group of people tips the scales for Private Blockchain Networks. What else is a Private Blockchain Network good at?

As opposed to Public Blockchain Network, a Private Blockchain Network tends to work at a faster rate. A Public Blockchain, being accessible to anyone and everyone in the network, gets quickly loaded with requests, ultimately slowing down its efficiency rate. Private Blockchain Networks have the edge over Public Blockchain as it filters out every one of unauthorized users, making its efficiency rate faster and smarter. There is no room for any form of lag in Private Blockchain Networks. A Private Blockchain Network developed by Pixelette Technologies is locked and loaded with this feature.

Better Efficiency:

Enhanced Privacy:

Public Blockchain Networks have are likely to be subjected to privacy issues. As the network is available to almost everyone, the risk of the user’s private information getting leaked is at an all-time high. Private Blockchains, however, deal with this issue very effectively. As it filters out a good portion of unauthorized users, it also minimizes the chance of user’s private information getting leaked. The Private Blockchain Networks designed by our experts keep this feature in check.

Private Blockchains often work towards promoting and elucidating companies over individuals. Therefore, if your company opt to go for Public Blockchain Network over a Private one, you will likely be deprived of this benefit. Therefore, Pixelette Technologies advises installing a Private Blockchain into your system to help your company soar and leave your competition to lick their wounds. Pixelette Technologies will design the best Private Blockchain Network that will support your enterprise in every step of the way.

Empowering Companies


Private Blockchain Networks have a record of being more stable as compared to public ones. The reason behind its stability is that, unlike Public Blockchain Networks, it does not get jammed because of multiple requests from countless users. The nodes are available to only a specific group of people.

Therefore, only a particular number of people will make transactions easier for the Private Blockchain Network to manage them and respond to their requests.

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We deliver and develop blockchain for you in no time depends on when you want us to develop. We produce blockchain services quickly and smartly that will let you appreciate us.

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We will be with you to the end until you are fully satisfied with our development services. We are 24-7 available to serve you in case to answer any query.

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We consist of a plethora of security solutions for your blockchain account that will allow you to decide what suits you.



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Blockchain is a way to handle transactions safely and maintains cryptocurrency for multiple purposes.

frequently asked questions

An enterprise blockchain is a type of blockchain that can be used at scale to simplify business processes, such as tracking supply chain goods or settling global payments.

Proof of Work networks currently offers the ability to perform 10 transactions per second. However, without affecting their security provisions of an open and decentralized network, those transaction speeds could potentially be increased to 100 transactions per second. Although this comparative low throughput is a challenge for blockchain adoption, it is already solved and new solutions to the scalability problem are being built every day.

In a blockchain model, transactions are shared across a peer-to-peer network and reconciled continually. In this model, there is no central manager or centralized model, so you cannot instigate fraud schemes.

Travel agents must share information with flight companies and hotels, as their passengers' belongings are also passed between companies and tracked. By storing and accessing important information with a blockchain, responsibility for storing it becomes shared among the network participants.

Increasingly, online merchants, physical venues, and consumers are accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment. Blockchain has gained traction in reducing the cost and complexity of the supply chain. Companies around the world continue to develop blockchain solutions for, for example, loyalty programs, advertising, contracts, fundraising, and commercial lending. Many of the largest retailers use it for these purposes or are testing it. Almost all trends point to the adoption of blockchain by all merchants, online and offline.

Several benefits of blockchain technology can be realized by implementing smart contracts that release funds only once milestones demonstrate that the funds are being spent in the manner that they have been promised. Crowdfunding becomes easier and better without the need for trust, thus finally making it more valid for all kinds of projects and campaigns.





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