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Pinterest Launches Pinterest Ads in Brazil

Pinterest continues to expand its ad business, with brands in Brazil now able to launch paid promotions via Pin. 

That could open up a range of new opportunities, with Pinterest also providing some additional usage stats on usage in the nation.

What do they have to say about this?

Six million people in Brazil use Pinterest to find ideas.

To decide what’s next. They’ve long depended on Pinterest for inspiration and product discovery.

And starting today, Brazilian marketers can use Pinterest ads to better reach this highly engaged audience.

As noted, the expansion will provide more opportunities for Pinterest to build on its revenue opportunities, with the platform adding more ad and outreach tools at a steady rate.

It also recently expanded the availability of its AR ‘Tyr-On’ ad tools and made its skin-tone search qualifiers available in more regions.

Pinterest ads are all over Brazil to build more opportunities

The expansion of Pin ads into Brazil is the platform’s first push into Latin America, with more countries coming soon.

Indeed, Pinterest’s Jon Kaplan additionally confirmed that Mexico would likely be the next to get access to Pin ads sometime later this year, followed by Argentina, Colombia, and Chile.

The expansion could also open up new opportunities for brands looking to reach new markets, and with Pinners open to new products, that could enable SMBs, in particular, to promote their offerings to all-new audiences.


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