App Developers to Verify User Through Sim Card by APU

app developer have a new API to verify users’ identity
Experts develop a new API to strengthen verification via SIM cards

Engineering and system architects face a challenge when it comes to creating online accounts: if too many barriers are put in place, users may not open up. You run the risk of fraud or fake accounts when you make things too easy.

Identity Verification: A Problem

Online identities based on username/email and password have outlived their utility for many years. The so-called knowledge-based model has been patched up by multi-factor authentication and two-factor authentication using SMS passcodes almost always to validate a mobile phone number.

It is a simple choice, as most users have a mobile phone, so SMS-based verification has taken over. It is alarmingly easy to pull off SIM swap fraud, a newly emerging problem that has been growing rapidly in incidents.

In the quest to find a universal, more secure factor, there has been no lack of endeavor. The biometrics feature on smartphones is powerful, but not everyone owns a smartphone that supports the feature. Apps that provide two-factor authentication are a strong alternative, but they are complex and not for casual users. The same is true of hardware tokens, which are very secure, yet very expensive and not practical for most consumers.

Verification using SIM cards

Sometimes we already have the simplest solution at our fingertips. A mobile phone number paired with a SIM card may not be secure alone but is: it’s a one-of-a-kind pairing that’s difficult to copy.

Authentication using SIM cards is a breakthrough in identity. Using SIM cards embedded in mobile devices, it is now possible to identify mobile users, prevent fraud and fake accounts while seamlessly verifying them, or verifying their mobile identities, using a very secure method.

How to Prevent Account Takeovers and SIM Swapping?


There is a real threat to your users from SIM swap fraud if you’re concerned about it. Financial institutions, FinTech companies, and cryptocurrency wallets have been targeted in particular, but any platform that uses SMS to verify identity is vulnerable to SIM swap fraud. One compromised user is all it takes to cause brand damage and major support issues.

SIM-Authentication API Overview

An authentication has already been completed with the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) for the SIM card within the phone. Customers who use mobile SIM cards can make and receive phone calls as well as access the Internet

A subscription check from tru.ID works in the same way as an MNO’s authentication system. Due to this, tru.ID API performs two functions. To begin with, it checks whether the mobile number provided is active and is paired with a SIM card.  Additionally, the API also reads information about whether the phone number’s SIM card was recently changed as part of this verification.  It is easy to incorporate these checks into APIs and SDKs.

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