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Microsoft Announces Exciting New Features

Upcoming new Microsoft features

Microsoft has revealed several new features and tools that are fundamentally introduced to enhance user experience and, most importantly, help manage small businesses with specialized tools.

The new exciting features can even assist the businesses that are not even currently advertising with Microsoft.

A number of new features and technologies have been unveiled by Microsoft, including ad units, private search and more.

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Microsoft has introduced many new features and technologies at Microsoft Advertising Elevate.

Microsoft announced new ad units and their new private search technology and the upcoming Small Business Hub with organic and paid social media integrations for businesses that aren’t currently advertising with Microsofts.

Private Search Option of Microsoft

With this new feature, Microsoft is enabling publishers to provide consumers with more privacy-first experiences.

Currently, the feature is being used by the search partner network, as well as another famous search engine, Duck Duck Go.

For Bing to deliver results, the private search site or app needs to implement a private search proxy between Microsoft Bing’s private search API and the private search site or app.

Price Comparison

They’ve announced a beta that’ll give Microsoft’s online shoppers a chance to show up in the flyout panel when using Microsoft’s shopping features. 

During Edge browsing of popular products, you can see the ads in a flyout within the toolbar or by saving a product and manually finding price comparisons.

Businesses would use this unit to deliver relevant product listings while their consumers browse other retailers’ sites. 

Businesses that already have shopping campaigns created will not have to do anything else to get started.

The listings will pull from existing feeds, so no additional work is required.

The best part is that these placements are currently available for free since they are in an experimental phase – businesses will not be charged for clicking on these ads.

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