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Marketing Tools to Find the Right Influencers

By using Social media marketing tool, you can analyse, optimize, search for new influence’s, compare authority and paid advertisements.

Moreover, you get to analyze other important accounts with more followers.

Buzz Sumo

A paid tool but worth it, and the most amazing thing about it is that it’s an influential tool and search YouTube, Google, and Twitter for industry leaders.

Ultimate guide to 5 important marketing tools

Alexa’s Audience Overlap marketing Tool

This is another great tool if you want to check out brands that share your audience.

For instance, teaming up with influence’s in the same niche helps you reach more people.


Keyhole is super easy to use that allows you to type keywords in the search field, and top influencers are displayed instantly.


This tool is smart and straightforward that allows you to target influence’s based on your marketing and location.

Its advanced tools help you focus on the influencers with the social channel and audience demographics.

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