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LinkedIn’s Latest Transparency Report Shows Decrease in Fake Profiles, Increase in Harassment

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New transparency report of Linkedin shows quite a progress

According to the new transparency report of Linkedin’s it has removed irrelevant content, government information requests, and spam accounts that  took over the last six months of 2020

Although LinkedIn’s might not get the same attention as other platforms in terms of manipulation programs and/or influence campaigns, it is worthwhile to take note of the latest trends, and the measures LinkedIn’s is taking to ensure its users are protected.

Secondly, on fake profiles, probably the most critical issue on LinkedIn, since once a user connects to you they’re able to access all the data you’ve got on LinkedIn.

According to Linkedin:

“Our automated defenses blocked the vast majority (98.3%) of the fake accounts we took action on during this period. We also saw a significant decrease in fake account creation, and a corresponding decrease in spam and scam content generated by fake profiles.”

LinkedIn data, 33.7 million accounts had been blocked at the checking stage in the previous quarter, and so it was only 3x the larger decrease in the most recent period. Why this might be is unclear, but I suspect it’s quite possible, based on LinkedIn detections. Scammers are deterred, to some extent, by these efforts to stamp out fake profiles,.

The question regarding content removals is a different matter – LinkedIn says the amount of content removed increased significantly to include misinformation and violent or graphic content, driven partly by world events that triggered confrontational sentiment, such as the US elections and COVID-19.

In addition, LinkedIn is improving its detection of all these elements, either through increased activity or due to improved detection. The number of user interactions on LinkedIn has continued to grow, but it seems this growth is also resulting in more negative interactions.

This must be a good thing, as LinkedIn is indeed taking action, which should help to keep users protected. However, the rampant increase here is a concern for how it will handle it in the future.  LinkedIn had relatively steady total government requests.

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