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LinkedIn launches LinkedIn Learning Hub

New learning hub introduced by LinkedIn learning
Due to accelerated pandemic mitigation efforts and new work practices accelerated by COVID-19, economic activity is likely to ramp up significantly, influencing career progression.
A new LinkedIn Learning Hub will be launched soon to provide a more comprehensive overview of training opportunities and career progression, including for individuals and businesses.
This new Learning Hub is in beta testing now, with a full launch planned for the second half of this year.
It will eventually incorporate LinkedIn’s full data projection, guidance, and learning capabilities for career guidance and skill-building.
It is an effort by LinkedIn to provide ample learning opportunities for its users to enhance their skills and find a better job placement.  

LinkedIn Said:

“Learning Hub has all of the capabilities of a traditional LXP, aggregating all of a company’s learning resources, but it’s so much more. It draws on data and insights from our Skills Graph, the world’s most comprehensive skills taxonomy with 36K+ skills, 24M+ job postings, and the largest professional network of 740M+ members, empowering customers with richer skill development insights, personalized content, and community-based learning.”

Three Key Elements of the New LinkedIn Learning Hub will Help Maximize Opportunities:

  • Users and businesses can discover key trends and opportunities for growth through content recommendations based on their LinkedIn profiles and related job listings.
  • It facilitates the user’s search for competent mentors, network connections, internal experts, or peers who can help them succeed. 
  • Skills development insights derived from LinkedIn emphasize the types of skills most in demand throughout the workforce and reveal the specific characteristics and skills needed to succeed.

For the past few years, LinkedIn has been creating similar tools in various forms – a strategy it has accelerated in light of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Assisting portals are needed more than ever to mitigate the impact of the virus.

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