Lead Generation: How Everyone Is Doing It?

Lead Generation Made Easier By a Method
Why is The Lead Generation The Most Important Aspect Of Business

Business objectives usually revolve around acquiring leads to increase revenue stream. For most companies, especially startups, lead generation consumes a significant portion of the resources available.

According to data collected by startup bonsai, 53% of companies allocate more than fifty percent of the budget towards lead generation services.

After investing so much money, everyone would expect some positive outcome, right? 

However, that is not the case with redundant lead generation methods available today. You may not be able to make sales if you are relaying your product/services to the wrong prospects!

Ideally, a good leader is someone who has expressed interest in your product/service (or your competitor’s) and is in the market to buy it. Companies can boost sales and ROI by utilizing these high-quality leads. Despite this, many companies still prioritize quantity over quality when it comes to lead generation.

Let’s take a look at some of the lead generation tools and methods available today.

1. Paid Pay per Click Methods 

You must have seen advertisements pop up while surfing on search engines; they are pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

Search engines determine when to show a particular ad to a particular reader. Google sets its hierarchy through an automated process and according to a relevant search performed by a user. 

If you launch a PPC campaign, your ads are pinned among the top results displayed by search engines, hence increasing your chances of generating traffic on your website.

Most companies launch paid campaigns through Google Adwords and social media platforms.

However, marketers are moving away from PPC as its reliability is becoming questionable and heaps of money wasted in the process. To read more about why PPC is on the verge of decline, visit our blog: https://www.pixelettetech.co.uk/5-reasons-not-to-use-google-adwords-for-lead-generation/.

2. Companies/Groups Selling Leads Data

The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is to buy lead data in search of landing buyers. 68 percent of businesses are struggling with lead generation, so it is understandable why companies rush into buying lead data. However, most marketers have abandoned this strategy largely due to its ineffectiveness and classified it as a waste of resources. 

3. Cold Calling (Google map Numbers)

Some companies are using cold calling to generate leads for their clients. It is a bygone method that will not only not generate any leads but damage your brand identity. People are sick of these annoying sales calls out of nowhere. According to what mobile survey, 74% of UK adults hang up the phone immediately. Why waste money on a lost cause? 


4. How is Pixelette Technologies approaching the idea of lead generation differently?

Let’s begin by establishing one simple fact that outsourcing lead generation duties yield 43% better results, according to a report published by HubSpot. Now we can convince you why you should hire us for the responsibility.

Lead generation processes and techniques rely on multiple underlying factors: current market, competitors, growth potential, newest trends, etc. Pixelette Technologies do things differently than others because our technology is unknown to most of the industry.

Our researchers and artificial intelligence experts created an incredible tool named “The Zeus” after 26 months of hard work and dedication. It’s a highly efficient AI marketing tool that can dissect leads from your competitors’ social media platforms and drop them in your lap! 

After we acquire the lists of hot leads, we run our esteemed algorithms and create a list of “super-hot leads.” The process has just begun!

The lists of prospective buyers are shared with our email marketing and calling agent teams to contact the clients directly. You would be surprised at the results of how effective this method is!

Want to know about our methodologies? Read more on our lead generation paradigm and learn how we stealthily extract clients from your competitors.

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