Google’s John Muller Explains About Link Building

John Mueller explains Google link building practices
Google’s John Mueller discusses link-building

In an Office Hours hangout, John Mueller discussed link building practices and he described how google takes a proactive and passive approach to certain links. He also offered some tips on how to acquire more links. According to the person asking the question, he watched many link building YouTube videos and read case studies that prove link building is necessary for ranking well.

“…The question is on link building practices. So we …approached many… companies… they say they will charge thousands of dollars or ten thousands of dollars to get the link… from the home page or the news sites and…They also talk a lot… about …we should get a high authority …link and stuff like that.”

After that, he talked about how companies he approached showed him examples of sites that were high ranking because of their link building. “…they also showcase that okay, see this is a site which is ranking high on …Google and …they have taken our service and they have paid us.

So if you pay us then your site will also rank because we are going to put …your site backlink with the good article on the home page…”

Mueller says:

“For example if we recognize that a site is regularly selling links but they also have other things around that, then we often go in and say okay, we will ignore all links on this website.

That basically means …a lot of these sites are things where people still sell links because it’s like they can sell it and they find a seller then of course they’ll try to do that.

But those links have absolutely no effect.

So that seems like a big waste of time from my point of view.” Towards the end of his response, Mueller suggests strategies for link building that are Google-friendly.

His first suggestion is the classic create content and tell others about its approach.

Next, Mueller reverts to discouraging short term solutions because they can be banned, and he suggests that instead of seeking short term rewards, you should instead strive for long-term success.

The importance of links:

Links can be acquired by some sites because of built-in advantages.

Stores with enormous popularity cannot rank for their key terms, so they have to pay to rank for those terms.

They are popular due to social media.

The act of building links back to your website is called link building.

Link-building is a key strategy for driving referrer traffic to your website and increasing your site’s authority for marketers and business owners.

As part of the rankings of web pages, Google considers link building techniques an important factor.

According to Google: “In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages.

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