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Instagram Takes One Step Further: Tests Content on Feed

Instagram is moving ahead with its iteration
Instagram is taking a stpe further with its iterations

After seeing the success of its previous iterations social app Instagram is looking to take a step further by testing suggested posts and topic in users feed

Whats is the story?

Instagram, as you may recall, has added a new section at the end of your main feed that lists suggested posts whenever you scroll through the updates of the people and accounts you follow.

As part of its ongoing testing since 2018, Instagram has now doubled down and will highlight more accounts, topics and posts of interest to share more relevant content to expand the social platform’s reach.

As per the Verge

“Suggested posts will be mixed throughout your primary feed, sometimes ahead of photos and videos from people you follow.”

What will happen next?

Users will probably be agitated by this. In addition to the chronological timeline, many IG users are still calling for a way to see random snaps from different profiles above posts from friends and family, so it’s unlikely this update will be well-received.

However, as Platformer’s Casey Newton points out, this could be part of a broader trend toward making social networking more TikTok-like.

Compared to other social media platforms, TikTok can maximize user engagement since it permits its postings to be public, which enables it to pull from a much wider variety of content inputs for its main feed.

The focus in this context is less on who users follow and more on what they engage with, allowing TikTok to highlight and increase time spent on the most engaging posts.
Instagraw is likely to implement a similar approach, with recommendations customized to your interests, with the goal of making their main feed even more attractive, and ensuring people spend even more time scrolling.

Instagram’s algorithm could work so long as it is able to determine which content is relevant to each user.
A feat that isn’t easy. I have a mostly aligned Explore page on Instagram at the moment.

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