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Instagram Tests Collectible Stories Based on the NFT

Instagram is testing its new fan club option
Social media giant Instagram tests NFT, fan club

Social app Instagram has started to test its fan club, NFT-style collectible stories that will enable users to post exclusive stories content that can be viewed by club members.  

What will happen now?

As a result, Instagram Stories would have another option to choose from. To share stories intimately, you can create a list of ‘Close Friends’, rather than sharing them publicly, as an alternative to setting your entire profile to ‘Private’. As part of Instagram’s larger effort to monetize on-platform efforts, this new feature would add yet another category, where paying members would be added to the fan club list, where they could access exclusive content. As of now, we do not know much about Instagram, but if Paluzzi’s previous discoveries are any indication, we’ll likely learn more in the next month or two. A new option called ‘Collectibles’ is also being tested by Paluzzi.

At this stage, there’s not much information, so it is mostly speculation, but it seems like Instagram is moving in this direction by facilitating the display of digital art purchases on Stories by adding the Collectibles tag.

Instagram’s billion-plus users could be inspired to participate in such auctions, which would spur new engagement and purchases, as well as allow digital creators to earn more through their work.

This would be a perfect fit for the platform, which is looking for ways to entice more buyers in-app, and another way to motivate people to purchase in-app artwork, and share it with friends.


Alessandro Paluzzi, the app developer, and researcher also informs us that Instagram will open an auction platform for NFT enthusiasts so that they can bid on digital memorabilia. This feature is also supposed to be available with the “Stories,” under the “Collectibles” tag, and the digital art market will gain a huge boost from this feature.

As Instagram addicts, this means more options for audience choices for their stories. Those who have a private or locked profile can only see the stories their followers have created. audience. With this feature, Instagram will enable creators to gain further revenue by adding only those who will pay to join the fan club.

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