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Instagram said that Stories Drafts are coming soon

Already, Instagram reels have a draft option for their posts and reels. Today, Instagram posted a tweet and announced the story drafts feature. Stories drafts are highly requested features according to Instagram. This option will provide flexibility in utilizing stories. It is also helpful for brands to save their stories and post them on the scheduled time for their audience to announce discounts, offers, or anything else.

This way, they can upload it whenever they want. But this requires the story to be complete if they wish to use it again. Drafts will help in continuing where you left off and make the process easier.

You can save your stories or downloads on your devices using third-party applications or other options. But those processes are not native to Instagram. Now, you can utilize all these features efficiently. These options will be convenient for you within the app as you can share them with other users instead of having all these in other apps. You will experience Instagram’s full features while creating and saving your stories.

Instagram said that they would launch these features soon but didn’t mention any exact, and it’ll be worth experimenting with it to see how it can help in your process.

On another front, Instagram also warns users to be aware of scammers trying to glean information from Instagram account holders via fake notifications relating to copyright infringement claims.

There are also reports that Instagram is testing a feature to add labels to reshared posts on Stories. And it is also said that Instagram for Kids under 13 is also coming soon.

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