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Instagram Ready to Make Posting Much Easier!

users thrilled to know about a new version of Instagram
Researchers confirm that Instagram is working on a new test model

People interested in social media marketing and centralized social posting could find this new version of Instagram’s desktop app extremely useful where users get access to new upload options.

A new report from app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi indicates that Instagram is working on launching a new feed posting section on the app’s desktop version.

On the desktop version of IG, the new option will add a “+” icon to the top bar, which, once clicked, will allow users to upload pictures or videos straight from their computer hard drive. There isn’t a direct upload option on the desktop version of Instagram, but the app is being refined over time. Last year, Instagram added the capability to view live videos from the desktop version. 

At present, users will be able to access all the regular, in-app options for uploading feed posts, including image formatting tools and filters. Currently, the feature can only be used to upload feed posts, as there are no tools to upload Stories or Reels, but it would add functionality to the desktop app and provide users with more options for Instagram’s management. Additionally, user Ahmed Ghanem found that the app’s desktop version added a direct upload feature for IGTV content from user profiles.

instagram Post feeds easy and reliable! 

Essentially, if the feedins post option is rolled out, you will soon be able to upload feed posts as well as IGTV clips directly from your desktop, which is a great advantage compared to having to log into Instagram’s app every time you want to post an update.

Instagram and IG television posting capabilities were added to the Facebook Creator Studio app in 2019. With the app, you can post Instagram content directly from your desktop. To access Creator Studio, you must manage a Facebook business page and/or Instagram business profile, but you can upload feed and IGTV content from the desktop on both platforms.

If anything, this makes it a little surprising that Facebook waited so long to add direct upload to the web app, but there may be process issues or back-end complexities at play.

More freedom

Regardless, it looks like you’ll soon be able to upload Instagram videos and photos from your desktop PC, which should allow you to post more polished, edited content created with your dedicated photo and video editing tools. Considering that there are already so many heavily edited, unrealistic depictions of humans within the app, this might be especially helpful for businesses. But for regular users, perhaps not so much.

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