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Instagram Expands its Test of Reels Ads to More Regions

Instagram reel ads creators can now generate more income
Instagram looks to expand its reels ads option into more nations

After the success of launching its first reels, ads option in some regions Instagram is expanding it into more nations to add more value to the platform, and help creators.

Reels and Instagram are working together to create an eco-system that will pay creators for their work, and provide Instagram with more nudges in continuing to develop and support the feature.
No official numbers have been provided by Instagram Reel usage, but Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has mentioned that the option continues to grow “in terms of how much people are sharing as well as how much people are consuming”.
According to Instagram Reel was also very popular in India after TikTok was banned last June (Just a few days later Reels launched.)

Yet this app is still far behind TikTok since it’s reported that users are now spending more time on TikTok than they are on either Facebook or Instagram. As, Facebook seeks to prevent its users from migrating across to TikTok, and becoming engrossed in that app’s endless video feed, it will likely focus on promoting Reels usage.

Reels will gain momentum as a result, and as it does, more advertisers will sign up to have their ads shown between Reels clips. In light of this new expansion, Instagram is essentially playing catch-up with TikTok and attempting to make Reels a more significant consideration, in all aspects. Based on that, would you be interested in it? In the absence of definitive statistics, it’s difficult to say, but with ad access expanding, there’s a good chance Instagram will lay out more details on this front shortly.

An Instagram spokesperson said, “We are closely monitoring feedback from consumers and advertisers to ensure the right balance of content from friends and family to brands and businesses.”

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