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Instagram Updates to New Boost and Promotion Tools

Instagram wants to boost new opportunities
Instagram adds more tools to boost promotions

Facebook-owned  and very popular social networking app Instagram has added a new feature to boost promotion by introducing an option to create fundraising groups on the platform for users.

As per Instagram

“Offline fundraising is often a group activity, from things like walk-a-thons, to bake sales, to concerts, and we wanted to bring that same sense of community to Instagram fundraisers so people can activate together around a single cause. 100% of the funds go directly to the nonprofit you’re raising money for, too.”

What will happen when you set up a fundraiser

By setting up a fundraiser on IG, you will be able to invite others to participate in the effort, which will enable you to reach more people due to the increased exposure, as well as allow you to offer new modes of raising funds.

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted Instagram to expand its tools for raising funds on the platform. A personal fundraising feature was added to the platform last July, followed by Instagram Live fundraising in August. Users can now post nonprofit fundraisers directly to their Instagram feeds after Instagram added support for it last  November. 

Through the use of its various tools on both its main platform and Instagram’s, Facebook reported raising over $5 billion in total through its various efforts.

How to start a fundraiser group?

  • First, create a fundraiser on your own by tapping the Create icon (“+”) in the top right of your feed > select ‘Post’ > choose an image > tap ‘Add Fundraiser’ and select the nonprofit you want to fundraise for > add details and tap ‘Share’
  • Then, invite others to join by tapping the ‘Share’ button on your fundraiser page > ‘Invite Group Members’ > search for accounts to invite and you’re set!

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