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5 Important Features of Order Taking Answering Service

Order taking is a process of recording orders accurately and delivering the same data to the next department. Customers prefer to place an order by talking to a real person rather than talking to automated calling software. Order taking answering service plays a crucial role to generate more leads and get the reward of your digital and traditional marketing campaigns.

Features of Order Taking Answering Service:

  • Custom Scripting

We work with you, combining our experience, to determine the exact service you need to receive and compose a custom screen that will ensure that our operators ask the right questions, productively. Our award-winning employees for order taking will deal with your callers in the same professional and attentive manner in which you would answer your phone calls.

  • On-Screen Call Scripts and Database Views

On-screen call scripting and database viewing are essential to precisely ask the right questions while giving product descriptions and specifications. The availability of stocks, infrastructure, size, color, price, and delivery schedules are readily available to the employees. We can scan in a picture of your product or catalog so that the agent can explain the product to the client.

  • Online Data Entry

When it’s time to book an order on your behalf, our workers can place the order directly on your current e-commerce web forms. We can work with your company to create a back page for our employees to navigate in the most productive way to process your orders. It allows you the data retrieval quickly through the internet. Besides, we have electricity backup, and well-trained staff is on-call 24-hours-a-day, ensuring our clients that we stay online at all times.

  • Credit Card Verification and Authorization

Putting credit card information is a sensitive case, and we handle it accurately and confidentially. When our employees enter the credit card credentials, the computer software processes the correct algorithm to ensure that it’s a valid card number with an expiration date and mask the number so that it is only visible for a few seconds. If the customer approves the transaction while staying on the call with us, then you will have access to those payments the next working day. If the system does not accept the transaction, then we can request a different card or suggest them to mail a check.

  • Import, Export, and Print Labels or Reports

We are providing order taking answering service to you for better client satisfaction. We can send and receive data to and from our system using different file formats. We can generate mailing slips for order shipment and also send reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Our employees can send directly to you, your marketing service providers, or wherever you specify.

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