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6 types of IT infrastructure security services

IT infrastructure security services is a process of protecting the infrastructure by installing preventative techniques to deny unauthorized access, modification, deletion, and theft of data and resources.

Importance of Infrastructure Security:

The best practices of infrastructure security can help prevent or reduce the chances of occurrence of a breach and mitigate the risks associated with industrial control systems over the internet.

Gateway Risk

Hackers can monitor, deny, and modify the traffic of your network by gaining access to your gateway router.

Infiltration Risk

Gaining more access to internal router and network, a hacker can modify your traffic between your key-hosts and exploit their trust.

There are numerous damaging attacks that a hacker can do, and to reduce those is a top priority of every organization.

Our Services:

On one side, modern technology and the Internet of Things have improved connectivity and made operations easier and faster. But on the other hand, they have made networks and critical infrastructures defenseless to cyberattacks. Computer networks and all internet-connected devices are prone to cyberattacks on critical infrastructures. Pixelette Technologies is highly concerned with IT infrastructure security services and keeps your system secured.

Types of Our Services:

We are providing different types of IT infrastructure security services to secure your systems from malicious activities.

Access Control

Access control is the prevention of unauthorized users and devices from accessing the network.

Application Security

We place security protocols on hardware and software to lock down potential vulnerabilities.


These devices are Gatekeeping devices that can allow or prevent specific traffic from entering or leaving the network.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

VPNs encrypt connections between endpoints creating a secure “tunnel” of communications over the internet.

Behavioral Analytics

These tools automatically detect network activities that deviate from the usual activities.

Wireless Security

Wireless networks are less secure than hardwired ones. With the invention of new mobile devices and apps, there are ever-increasing vectors for network infiltration.

Benefits of Our Services:

By hiring IT infrastructure security services from Pixelette Technologies, you will get the following benefits.

Improved resource sharing saves costs

Due to protection, resources on the network can be utilized by multiple users without threat, ultimately reducing the cost of operations.

Shared Site Licenses

Security ensures that site licenses would be cheaper than licensing every machine.

File Sharing Improves Productivity

Users can securely share files across the internal network.

Internal Communications are Secure

Our services will protect your internal email and chat systems from prying eyes.

Compartmentalization and Secured Files

We will secure user files and data from each other, compared with using machines that multiple users share.

Data Protection

Data back-up to local servers is simple and secure, protecting vital intellectual property.

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