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Importance of E.A.T for “your money your life” sites

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John Mueller has some advice for your money your life (YMYL) websites. Google’s search advocate stresses that their algorithms are more concerned about expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E.A.T) than anything else. During a discussion, Mueller was asked for advice on increasing traffic and visibility by Ritu Nagarkoti, who does SEO for a medical e-commerce site.


Mueller explained that an e-commerce medical store falls under the category of YMYL. To explain SEO tactics, he emphasized being consistent with your work and follow the best practices. Nothing is like a magic trick that you can use to gain more traffic. It requires patience and content that falls under the guidelines by Google.

Also, he said there is little margin for error in the medical field. Content is supposed to be authentic and approved by the experts. Medical topics are sensitive because your content can cause someone to adopt something that they shouldn’t.

Review your Website

Mueller explained that owners should evaluate their websites themselves about the quality of their websites. He also referenced a blog post from Google in 2019 regarding raters’ guidelines.

The audience pressed for specific advice regarding SEO tactics, to which Mueller again answered it’s not that simple. However, he believes that it’s good for owners that Google algorithms are picky about YMYL websites. It filters anyone and everyone who are not following the best practices. It gives owners more chance to succeed in ranking their website as most people ignore attention to detail.

YMYL websites

It was interesting that Mueller talked about human quality raters at Google. He said:


“I don’t think there is one simple approach to that. And I think especially when it comes to medical content, I think that’s super important that our algorithms are very picky there with regards to what we show. So I would look at the quality rater guidelines and really think about how your site might be perceived by the quality raters.

The quality raters don’t make the algorithms, but they do give us a lot of insight into what we might do in our algorithms. So I would strongly recommend going through that. And I think it’s especially, when it comes to these kind of sites, it’s less about the tactics and really more about making sure that it really is a legitimate business and that it’s backed up by appropriate trustworthy sources.

So not just high quality content, and doing all of this syndication, all of these things. But really making sure that it’s written by doctor, it’s created by medical professionals who are legitimate in their field.”

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