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Impacts On SAAS Security From Work From Home Policy

After the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in December 2020, the world stopped for a while.

Amid global lockdowns and state of curfew, every sector faced devastating effects.

The whole network was disrupted, and international markets collapsed.

However, when people realized that Covid-19 is going nowhere in the near future, the world shifted towards the digital world.

Education, marketing, businesses, and everyone started resuming activities online.

The Cyberthreat

Cloud usage among enterprises increased by 50%.

Organizations introduced work from home policy to continue business rituals and begin revamping their working structure.

As online activities increased, it came to an increase in data breaches.

More data meant more opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit individuals and even large enterprises.

SaaS method was already popular before Covid-19.

Most of the employees in every work domain are not well-educated about the threats involved with the web-based working.

This gave a chance to criminals to exploit weak security protocols and steal valuable data.

Emerging solution of SAAS security

However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Even if the employees are unaware of the danger, enterprises are not.

Proactive measures can help them secure their online sharing of work and continue the seamless flow of daily tasks.

SaaS security project management (SSPM) is critical to the security of today’s enterprise.

SaaS can redefine a company’s security posture by assessing weaknesses and devising a plan of action to overcome the flaws. Moreover, it can be customized and tailored to the specifications of each application and company’s policy.

Act before it’s too late

Many organizations overlook the threat and later pay heavily for their negligence.

If you are one of them, think again!

SaaS provides a host of security features to control the data and contain it from getting into the wrong hands.

It is not difficult to understand, and the company’s IT division can easily monitor the software and ensure smooth achievement of operations without getting in the way of any department.

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