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How to Protect Man-in-the-Middle Attack Successfully

Be wary of potential phishing attack when asked to login into your credentials or bank account.

Instead, types the address of the website into your browser, then login all by yourself.

Public WiFi risks

Never connect to public WiFi routers directly, if possible.

A VPN encrypts your internet connection on public hotspots to protect the private data you send and receive while using public WiFi, like passwords or credit card information.

Norton security Attack

Since MITB attack primarily use malware for execution, you should install a comprehensive internet security solution, such as Norton Security, on your computer.

Always keep the security software up to date.

Updating old passwords and user names

Be sure that your home Wi-Fi network is secure.

Update all of the default usernames and passwords on your home router and all connected devices to strong, unique passwords.

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