Future Update Allows to Use WhatsApp on Multi Devices

Forget using the phone for WhatsApp try this device now
Ever thought about using WhatsApp on other devices?

Using popular chatting application WhatsApp on different devices is now possible thanks to Facebook’s current development project, Multi-device, which is slated for launch in the near future

You may be waiting with impatience for multi-device support. Thanks to four emulation networks, a WhatsApp account can be loaded onto multiple devices simultaneously, without the need to keep your primary device connected to the Internet. هازارد 2023

According to WABetaInfo, Mark Zuckerberg and Will Cathcart confirmed that multi-device will be available within two months. During development, it might take a bit longer to ensure a quality product, since the release date might change, but two months is their main aim.

  • Multi-device will have some killer features
  • Linked devices can work without an active Internet connection on the main device. We will discover which devices are supported below.
  • You can link up to 4 devices to this social app account. This has been confirmed by Will Cathcart too, in our interview.
  • The application will allow chat history migration between iOS and Android. Chat app always requires updating the app before starting the migration.
  • Multi-device will be released as a beta feature to people that want to try it, and it will be initially optional.
  • Voice and video calls work across linked devices.
  • You cannot message or call people that have an outdated WhatsApp version installed.

What did WhatsApp plawhatn?

Chat application had planned to release the first beta of Facebook’s multi-device features for WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop, and Portal. The feature is limited to iPhones and Androids at first but will be available for all of those platforms in the future. كازنو A screenshot of this also confirms that the app’s first multi-device version will only support the following devices.

Although performance and quality will also be affected, it’s a temporary problem: beta software has issues but has to be fixed before being released.

Future updates

What about the possibility of linking a second mobile phone in a future update? There has been speculation that WhatsApp could integrate mobile devices with the multi-device feature in the future, but this first version of multi-device works only via WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop, and Portal which require a connection to the Internet on your phone. Let’s find out what multi-device will look like in the future! لعبة الحظ والنصيب Discover the latest news and features about WhatsApp for Android and iOS!

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