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9 Webpages Types Every SEO Expert Should Know

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The home page is usually one of the single most visited  important webpages for SEO expert, just as often, the first page a visitor sees. It’s either you are finding the visitors, or if they land themselves directly, they have few expectations. Your home page must have a clear picture of what your website offers and why you should do business with them eventually. Most SEO expert mistakes only try to optimize for business products and services that are followed singular or product company otherwise. So, optimizing the home page for click-throughs and engagement is far more important than anything else.

About Us web Pages

Researches have proven that the visitor who has seen a site about us important webpages are more likely to convert than those who don’t. The page is an important part of the conversion process. And that means that the About Us page is an important page to drive traffic to.

Like any good landing page, you’re About Us page must fulfill its role in the conversion process. The About Us page may seem like an odd one to try to optimize, but in reality, there are a lot of keywords that are tailor-made for these pages.

Contact Us Page

There is pretty much only one particular reason that a visitor will intentionally navigate to a Contact Us page to obtain your contact information.

  1. Focus your optimization efforts on your location:
  2. Find what keywords searchers use that are most relevant to your area.

Integrate maps onto your contact page.

Product Category & Sub-Category Pages

These pages most frequently serve those who are in the shopping phase. That means those visitors have a good idea of what they want but are looking to learn more about the options available to them. The goal of the page is to give the visitor access to those options. Pages need content in order to be optimized, but visitors on these pages don’t want content. But content plays a valuable role in the conversion process. There are many ways to add content to pages without hiding it or the products.

Product Detail Pages

When the visitor approaches the buying phase, that means they have gathered enough information to know fairly precisely what they want. When it comes to optimizing product pages, keyword research almost becomes irrelevant. That’s because there are so many variables that it’s impossible to focus these pages’ content on every potential variable in any traditional way. So, this is where keyword research becomes valuable

FAQ’s pages

SEO expert Make sure you answer the frequently asked questions on daily basis to keep the visitors on track.

Blog Category & Tag Pages

This is where you must take a step further and keep tagging your post with relevant keywords. Throw in some optimized text that stays at the top of those webpages, and then the blog posts that fill the rest of the content takes care of the rest.

This is an additional opportunity to rank for phrases that you may not have targeted in your main site.

Blog Posts

Every site has a limit to the number of pages that can be added before it gets overly cluttered and begins to interfere with the conversion process. Every blog post can be targeted for a specific searcher’s need and be used to drive relevant traffic to your site.


OK, so technically, these aren’t webpages , but PDFs are often a part of providing valuable information to your visitors, albeit in a different format. PDFs should be used sparingly, but when they are used, they should be optimized, just like any other webpages. The process for optimizing them is different, but the concepts are the same.

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