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11 features of help desk phone service

A help desk phone is an essential part of any business. It is a single point where you contact your customers to introduce them to your products and services.

Are you running a business that handles a constant inflow of queries and phone calls from your customers? Do you need engaging assistance on your part? Let us help you! We, Pixelette Technologies, firmly believe that customers are important and put the utmost priority on solving the queries of your customers. It is how a good business becomes the best. We will listen to the voices of your customers and work on their needs.

Our features:

Single-click dialing

We are offering inbound and outbound call services. In the outbound call, we use single-click dialing to increase proficiency. We store a contact list in our system and contact customers through that list with a single click.

Inbound/outbound SMS

We have SMS service included in our help desk phone to send updates to your potential customers. We also receive SMS of their queries and respond to them with the best solution.


We have a notification service to notify customers about voice calls, incoming calls, and missed calls.

Call recording

We record our calls to maintain a record of the previous content.

Automatic ticket creation

We attach call details and voicemail recordings to the ticket, and when our agents call them again or receive a call from them, our system updates that ticket automatically. If we receive a call from an unknown number, our system creates a new ticket for it.

Automatic call logging

We create a log for our inbound and outbound calls. When we receive or make a call, our system notes the call details, caller name, call status, time-stamp, and phone number. If we receive a call, the system will note the name of the agent who received the call. It assists in reviewing our performance.

Add notes during the call

Our system remains functional while our agents are on call, and they can add notes about the call activities for further processing, instead of listening to call recordings to find out the query of the customer.

Caller context

Our system keeps a record of customers about their purchasing history, status, and how long they have been a customer. This information pops up automatically in a widget alongside the call.

Call queue

If people call and all agents are busy handling other customers, then our system will inform them that they are in a queue and have to wait for an available agent.

Interactive voice response

We will help you to configure your greetings. It is a numbered menu that the caller hears before contacting a concerning department.

Call routing

Call routing is an essential part of our services. It is a tool that distributes the call to the next available agent.


It is a fundamental objective of every business to interact with its customers to resolve their issues. Pixelette Technologies is the best choice for help desk phone services for your business to entertain your customer queries.

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