Google’s Last Minute Advice On The Page extension Update

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Desktop users do not need to panic about for page extension update
What’s more for desktop users about page extension updates?

Since the last rumors going around about the new page extension update for mobile phone has got site owners worried due to the late launch in the mid of June.

Search engine marketing specialist Martin Splitt offers tips to SEOs working hard to get ready for the Page Experience update.

When Loren Baker asked Splitt what he would say to anyone concerned that their site could not be optimally optimized for mid-June roll out, he answered in a live appearance on the Search Engine Journal Show. لويس سواريز

The Page Experience update will provide Google with a ranking boost not because it’s a “tiebreaker.”Splitt says there’s no need to panic. The Page Experience update is a lightweight ranking signal that, if the other criteria are met, would give one site the edge over the other.

Splitt tells Baker:

“First things first, don’t panic. Don’t completely freak out, because as I said it’s a tiebreaker.

For some it will be quite substantial, for some it will not be very substantial, so you don’t know which bucket you’ll be in because that depends a lot on context and industry and niche. So I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

I think generally making your website faster for users should be an important goal, and it should not just be completely ignored. Which is the situation in many companies today that they’re just like “yeah, whatever. المتاهلين يورو 2023

Splitt says it is gratifying for in-house SEOs services to get their companies to care about Page Experience now, at any level.

I think when you can get your company to shift from “yeah, whatever to “oh yeah, we need to get that done but we can’t get it done until June.” That’s the milestone, that’s the improvement that you want to have. سكريل بنك

You want to have a commitment to make things better and you want to be the one who said, like, “Hey this is going to be a factor in ranking, so don’t be surprised if we are seeing some changes in ranking.”

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