Google reduces FAQ Rich Results to two per page

Google Limits FAQ’s Rich Results to Two FAQ’s Per Page

Google reduces FAQ Rich Results to two per page
Google limits the FAQ Rich Results in its latest update

The new update by Google that is still in the process of being implemented across all Google servers limits FAQ-rich results to only 2 FAQs per page. Danny Sullivan of Google has confirmed this through a tweet and also clarified that this was not done to prevent abuse of data-rich results by SEOs. 

Danny Sullivan has explained that the FAQ structured display was curbed because it gave a disadvantage to the competitors, knocking them off to the later pages of the search result. 

Initial Structure of FAQ Rich Results in SERPS (2019)

FAQ structured data allowed the FAQ content to show up in the SERPs of Google. It was announced by Google in 2019 and was beneficial for websites as it gave them more of coverage in search results.

“By using FAQPage structured data, you can make your content eligible to display these questions and answers to display directly on Google Search and the Assistant, helping users to quickly find answers to frequently asked questions. 

It garnered both praise and criticism, depending on people’s understanding of who was benefitting from the FAQs; the SEO or the competitor. Google was showing as much as 10 FAQs per page, potentially allowing the first few pages to dominate initial search results.

Reduction in FAQ Rich Results (2020)

However, in 2020 the FAQ structured data-rich results gradually disappeared. Mueller explained:

“With regards to FAQ markup in general, one of the things that I’ve noticed people talking about online is that we’re showing fewer of these in the search results.… we have to kind of fine-tune which ones, which queries, which pages we would be showing the FAQ rich results type for.”

Scarcity in FAQ Rich Results (2021)

Fast forward to 2021, the confusion around FAQ-rich results persisted and someone asked Mueller on a Google office hangout. The concerned person inquired whether structured data has any impact on returning rich results. To this Mueller replied that Google still shows FAQ-rich results and continues to make sure that they are relevant and useful. 

Quoting Mueller:

“What usually tends to happen with some of these structured data types or rich results types is that over time we try to fine-tune how often we show them just to make sure we’re not overloading the search results with all of these… bling and extra functionality that just confuses people in the end.” 

Latest Update by Google further Limits Search Results

Danny Sullivan’s announcement, however, cleared the confusion as he laid all questions to rest once and for all. Someone inquired if the two FAQs per web page limit is a consequence of SEO’S overriding the Google algorithm. Sullivan replied negatively, that this is not in response to anyone “gaming” google. 

The update is yet to roll out in places outside the US. The updated way of displaying FAQ-rich results has been deemed fairer as it allows more sites to show up on the front page. This implementation, despite being convenient to users, may not be permanent as Google’s policies are constantly evolving.

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