Google Works on Updating Top Stories Carousel

Google's Will Update Top Stories Carousel
Updates will be made to Google’s Top stories Carousel

There will be a number of changes to the Top Stories carousel in search results when Google rolls out the Page Experience update in mid-June. Google Search Central shares the information on its YouTube channel as part of its Getting Started with Page Experience video series.

Google has been making plans to remove AMP as a requirement for getting content featured in the Top Stories carousel for months. In the upcoming Page Experience algorithm update, that’s still scheduled to happen. Google’s latest explainer provides more details on the update before it launches and answers any questions site owners might still have.

Changes in AMP and Top stories:

As part of Google’s Page Experience update in mid-June, AMP will no longer be required for Top Stories. Additionally, Google says the AMP icon will be retired and the swiping interaction will be removed from the AMP viewer. 

By using the AMP viewer, stories could be swiped through immediately as the AMP cache loaded the pages instantly. Google will no longer guarantee instant page loading for other types of content once the carousel includes other types of pages.

Google will have to get rid of swiping in order to provide the best experience for searchers. Site owners can use signed exchanges to make their AMP pages instantaneous on other types of pages. Sites can be fetched securely and safely through signed exchanges. AMP sites can also utilize them, retaining the original URLs of the site.

How site-owners will be affected:

The removal of AMP requirements will allow previously ineligible content to be considered for Top Stories. The only pages considered for inclusion in this section up until now were those created in AMP HTML.

Google’s will allow all web pages to compete for those limited spots since it will be made available to all web pages. Here are three tips from Google on how to stay competitive in Top Stories: Make sure your content is relevant, keep your Core Web Vitals and Page Experience scores high, and follow Google’s guidelines.

Google’s page experience and faulty URL’s:

You might want to check your pages’ Page Experience now if you haven’t already. Search Console includes a report called Page Experience that reveals what actual users experience when they visit your site. If there are any specific problematic URLs. So you can find them in the report.

Continue to produce high-quality content if you are currently featured in Top Stories. You will also likely do just as well in Top Stories after the update if you pay attention to Page Experience issues in Search Console.

In addition, Google’s reminds site owners that using article-specific structured data remains a requirement for inclusion in Top Stories.

The process involves adding a few lines of markup to the article that will let Google know information about the author, the publisher, the publication date, etc. 

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