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Google Search Results to use New Schema for Education Sites

According to Google, searches for math practice problems and guides have skyrocketed during the pandemic. Possibly, the reason for this is the disruption of school activities during the pandemic. Google wants to make it easier for students to find what they are looking for by adding new search features for these content types. These changes will increase the visibility of search results. Furthermore, the changes may also drive more traffic towards education websites.

Rich Search Results

The new search results will have support for ‘rich results’ using structured data. According to Google:

Structured data is a standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content.

The new search results will include multiple-choice questions and solutions to mathematical problems.

Practice Problems

For example, if you look up practice problems for a topic, Google may directly provide interactive, multiple-choice questions on the search results page. Google now requires educational websites to mark a minimum of two questions per topic to be shown in search results. Websites are encouraged to add all required structured data so Google can search relevant data for students based on their education level.

Math Solutions

A math solver page is a page that has tools that users can use to solve mathematical problems by inputting equations. Websites can use the new math solver structured data to show rich results on Google. For example, searching x^3 + 9 = 0 will give you the answer to the equation x3 + 9 = 0, directly in the search results. This will help students quickly as they will no longer need to scroll through websites to get answers to basic mathematical problems.

Website owners will be able to use the new reports in Google Search Console to check the validity of structured data. Undoubtedly, the revamped Google search results will be even more helpful than before.

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