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Google Modifies Logo Requirements for AMP Structured Data

Google updated the developer’s page of the AMP Article Logo Structured Data to indicate which structured is being used, this update is a clarification.

The clarification is so that publishers may know how to display structured data for their logos so they can continue to be eligible for rich results.

The structured logo data is used by Google to show the correct logo in the search results and Knowledge Panel.

It is crucial to make sure the logo is correctly specified through structured data without making an error.

If the logo structured data is incorrectly coded, Google may not display the logo correctly in the rich product or knowledge panel.

Essentially, Logo is a structured data property. Of course a property is a thing, and a URL Structure dataset can be thought of as an attribute of that property.

The logo has two types of attributes of the logo property: ImageObject and URL.

Requirements for Google's AMP Logo

The logo is used in the structured data of the following types: Brand, Organization, Place, Product, Service.

However, the change only affects structured data for the Article structured data type and it will likely be used most frequently with the Organization structured data type.

The structured data for a logo can be coded in two ways.

The publisher can use the Logo property to communicate what the logo is. The publisher can also use an Image Object type to describe the logo.

A type represents an attribute of a property. A property can be thought of as a thing.

A type is an attribute of that thing.

For example, a motor-cycle can be considered a property and the color of it can be considered an attribute.

For the logo structured data, Google published this example of the Image Object type:


“@context”: “https://schema.org”,

“@type”: “NewsArticle”,

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