Google to Help the Candidate Find a Job Using Structured Data

Google Launches New Structured Data For Job Listings
Google releases structured data for job listings

The Google company has introduced a new structured data markup property for job listings that will allow candidates to apply directly on the employer’s website.

As well, Google is mandating a new editorial content policy so that users can easily understand the content of job listings and apply for them directly or in another way. We’ll start by taking a look at the structured data property.

Direct Apply offers employers the option of letting prospective employees apply for a job directly from their website. According to Google, this markup is suitable for job listings with a set of user actions required to apply for the position.

Straightforward application process:

The application process should be short and straightforward for the user. When one of these conditions is met, employers offer a direct application experience, as described by Google:

On your site, the user completes the application process. As soon as a user arrives at your webpage from Google, they can complete the application process by clicking on apply once instead of more than once.

If, for instance, a job listing requires applicants to upload a resume and then type all that information again in an application form, this markup is not applicable.

The markup can be used immediately, although there may not be any immediate effect in search results as Google works to incorporate this information into its index.

Job Listings, new content policy:

The company’s new editorial content policy includes guidelines for obstructive text and images, excessive and distracting ads, or content that doesn’t add value to job postings.

Besides following basic grammar rules, Google asks that job listings also use capitalization properly. According to Google research, employers can improve job seeker trust by following these tips: Check that no job listings are scams or spam. Job listings must represent real job opportunities.

Users with a poor user experience are asked for information that is not necessary, the pages are of poor quality, and the application process is complicated. Posts that are not accepting applications should be removed.

Do not reinvent old job posts as new ones or update Date Posted if there was no change to the job posting. Don’t post incorrect information, this includes incorrect salary, location, hours, type of employment, or other information. Starting on October 1, 2021, Google will implement new content policies for job listings.

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