Google discuss upcoming features and technologies on the Web platform

Google I/O Introduce New Features In the “What’s New for the Web Platform” Session

Google discuss upcoming features and technologies on the Web platform
Announcements from google for SEO developers and web practitioners

Last week Google I/O week consisted of many sessions regarding their announcements of new features, including the Google Chrome team who talked about the new possible technologies in their session of ‘What’s new for the Web Platform.’

Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer, the two main speakers of this session also wrote a book together AJAX and Web 2.0. As expected from Google, the open web technologies that reside under the web platform works as the pillar for the web browsers and OS.


Other sessions got the attention too like Google Chromium, as it works better off on its own as a web browser than Google chrome. Google Chrome works best for coding and supports weak features, also keeps up with technologies maintained by Safari and Firefox. 

Safari is the only web browser that is going well and does not lie in the single-digit user market share. After Google’s announcement in the Google I/O week regarding new progress, an increase is seen in the browsing activity.

Global webIndex (a covid-19 market study) shows the rapid incline as time spent on the phone has increased up to 70%, time spent on laptops has increased up to 47%, and time spent on the desktop has increased up to 33%.

What are the new security features?

Security was the first announcement made by Google chrome’s team as they launched a new security feature that separates cases of inline frames. After Edge and Chrome, Google announced that default cookies handling for 3rd party websites are going on for firefox too. Tracking prevention was another major announcement by google.

Web apps that installed on your PC appears with icon on your desktop now allows you to add shortcuts written with background menus comes with the Operating Systems like Android, Chrome OS, Windows, and macOS. 

The API allows the web applications to explore all the connected displays and control where the window is set on the screen. Now users can open files with your web app handler, just like a regular Application. Web applications can now have the right to use the user files with the new File system Access API feature.

To improve desktop rankings, the Core Web Vitals have announced that improvements will be made to web optimization vitals that will not only value mobile rankings. Core Web Vitals also made some points about rankings, background images content visibility, Prerendering,  and layout shiftings. 

The Google I/O week has introduced many features this time and is making their users look forward to more in the coming year.

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