Google Expands ‘About This Result’ With Info On Ranking Factors

With 'About This Result', Google elaborates on ranking factors
Information about ranking factors is added to Google’s ‘About This Result’

Searchers will soon have even more information on the results they’re seeing when viewing the About This Result panel, to figure out more valuable information. The search engine offers that to regular users, but to SEOs, it provides very detailed information about the ranking factors that went into ranking a given page for a given query.

Here is an example of an updated About This Result panel for the query “how to cook fish in the oven”: Below the “Your search & this result” heading, you can see why a page was ranked for that query. According to the example above, Google surfaced that specific page because Words in the query were matched with words on the page, It matched words on the page with words related to the query, The page is in the same language as the query or due to the searcher’s location in the United States, the page was especially relevant.

Inbound links and relevance factor:

The updated About This Result panel can also display information about inbound links in addition to highlighting matching terms, related terms, and local relevance. You can see another example where the search panel tells the user: “Other websites with your search terms link to this result.”

This article’s header image shows a different version of the About This Result panel, which mentions that the page’s images were a relevant factor. Google’s pitch to searchers is that this information can be used to refine the query and get better results. This panel provides techniques and settings that can be used to modify searches to obtain more relevant results.

Google’s announcement for marketers and SEOs:

“For example, if you usually search in English, but want to find results in a different language, or from a different region, About This Result makes it even easier to adjust your settings. You may even want to adjust your search. Imagine you search for “best jogging shoes.”

While it’s usually helpful for Google to return results about related concepts, in this case, “running shoes,” you’re really after shoes that are optimized for jogging. About This Result will show you tips for how you can get to what you really wanted.

For example, you can put quotes around a word or phrase to get results that mention those words exactly or use a minus sign to exclude certain words from your search.” Google is expanding the ‘About This Result’ panel with information about what factors went into ranking a page in search results.

This panel provides marketers and SEOs with an interesting insight into how Google determines the relevance for individual results. About This Result previously displayed only information about the website’s security and the source of the content.

This data has now been expanded to include relevant signals. The expansion is now live for 10% of eligible users and will gradually expand to 100%. Initially, the expanded panels are available in English in the U.S., with plans to roll them out more widely in the coming months. cialis generic viagra

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