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Google Dispels Rumors About Bid Strategy Changes

Google Rumors confirmed what PPCers had wanted to hear: that its bid strategies aren’t going away, but rather the Google Ads UI is getting a slight facelift.

With this change, the Target CPA and Target ROAS bid strategies will now be grouped into the Maximize Conversions and Maximize Conversions value bid strategies, respectively.

The machine learning that powers the Target CPA and Target ROAS bid strategies will not change.

Google clears up rumors of changes in bidding strategy

The bid strategies will continue to function as they are but the way advertisers set them up will be slightly different.

How to set it all up?

As soon as the updated interface has been implemented, advertisers should choose Maximize Conversions while setting Target CPA.

Once Maximize Conversions has been selected, advertisers will have the option to set Target CPA.

This will be an optional choice and the campaigns that don’t utilize this will use the same Maximize Conversions bid strategy that advertisers currently have access to. 

Advertisers setting up the Target ROAS bid strategy should select Maximize Conversion Value.

The target ROAS setting is optional. Advertisers employing the target ROAS setting can expect the bidding strategy to function in the same way as it is currently.

Advertisers that don’t set the target ROAS setting will be effectively using the Maximize Value bidding strategy that exists already.

Why the change?

This change was designed so that advertisers would have greater clarity regarding bidding strategies.

Google Rumors received feedback that advertisers weren’t always clear on which bidding strategies they should use, so they hope to simplify the decision.

The changes will begin rolling out over the next two weeks or months.

Until then, advertisers can still select Target CPA and Target ROAS bid strategies.

Once the change has been introduced, these bid strategies will no longer be available in the interface.

At that point, advertisers must follow the steps listed above to set up these strategies.

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