FBI employee steals sensitive department information

FBI Analyst Charged With Stealing Counterterrorism and Cyber Threat Info

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FBI employee steals sensitive department information
Counter-terrorism and cyber threat info stolen by FBI employee

Indicted by the Department of Justice (DoJ), the employee of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was convicted of illegally removing national security documents. She had been retained the documents at her home for 13 years from June 2004 to December 2017. 

The federal indictment against Kendra Kingsbury, 48, charged her with two counts of unauthorized possession of items of national defence, according to a federal indictment made public last Friday. Kingsbury spent more than 12 years as a Kansas City Division intelligence analyst before she was suspended in 2017. “The breadth and depth of classified national security information retained by the defendant for more than a decade are simply astonishing,” said Alan E. Kohler, Jr. Assistant Director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, in a statement.

The Justice Department argues that Kingsbury knew she was not authorized to remove and keep these secret government documents, then charged her with failing to deliver the documents to the appropriate employees who were entitled to receive them.

State secrets stolen:

In total, Kingsbury is said to have kept over 20 documents that include a wide swathe of classified information spanning across intelligence notes and bulletins, email correspondence, and internal correspondence.

In addition to the presentation, the agency also revealed the various intelligence sources used by the agency in order to protect themselves against counterterrorism and cyber threats, including a presentation detailing new terrorist groups. Some of the documents unlawfully accessed by Kingsbury also contained information about ongoing investigations, human sources, and intelligence gaps concerning hostile foreign intelligence services and terrorist outfits, and the FBI’s ability to neutralize counterterrorism targets. “As an intelligence analyst for the FBI, the defendant was entrusted with access to sensitive government materials,” said Assistant Attorney General John C. Demers for DoJ’s National Security Division. “Kingsbury is alleged to have violated our nation’s trust by stealing and retaining classified documents in her home for years.  Insider threats are a significant danger to our national security, and we will continue to work relentlessly to identify, pursue and prosecute individuals who pose such a threat.


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