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‘Fast and Furious Sega Comes to Messenger’

Messenger's chat background gets upgraded with Fast sega
Messenger is now promoting fast and furious sega

Famous social app Facebook’s messenger gets a new upgrade for the fast and furious Sega movie promotion with an all-new movie-themed 360 chat background to enhance the interface.

As per Facebook:

“Starting today, fans can access Movie Mate, a first-of-its-kind “second screen” chat experience exclusively for Messenger along with a custom 360-degree background and chat theme (also available on Instagram). Movie-Mate is available for each of the Fast Saga films. It answers movie watchers’ burning questions and offers never-before-seen photos and footage in real-time as they’re streaming their favorite Fast Saga films.” 

How will it entertain users?

This feature enables users to watch video content and video chat in real-time with Messenger contacts through a separate, third-party service called Movie Mate, which has now been integrated into the Messenger app.

The user will be prompted to specify his or her level of fandom when starting a new chat through the Fast & Furious Facebook page, which will allow all individual chats to be tailored to the person’s level of expertise. 

A promotional tool like that could contribute to Facebook’s promotional offerings, providing new ways to boost awareness and connection. It would likely be only available to the highest-spending movie studios, but besides that, it would be another extension of the platform.

Movie Mate’s integration also facilitates more interactive features for co-watching, which could prove to be a valuable promotional tool as more people begin to stream videos together.

The F9 Messenger experience is an interesting experiment either way. If you’d like to try it out, simply go to the Fast & Furious Facebook page and click the Messenger icon.

Facebook launched its first chat theme last month, featuring Star Wars and Selena: The Series, offering a new way to interact with fans.

Facebook cited Nielsen’s Internet Trend Report as evidence that 88% of Americans watch TV while using their second devices, and 71% search for entertainment content related to what they are watching. Four out of ten respondents say they message friends and family about their favorite TV shows.

A 360-degree background can be found as the 360-degree background when starting a video call or creating a Room. Tap the effects icon and choose the background.

You can change the chat theme by launching a Messenger thread, tapping the top bar to reach settings, then clicking the theme option. In the top-right corner of an Instagram chat, people can tap on the information button. Click Chat settings, then select a theme.


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