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Facebook Has to Say this About its New Crop Feature

Facebook smart crop feature will have whole new meaning
Facebook announced amazing details about its crop feature

Social media giant Facebook has great news following the release of its crop feature that is now  available in the creators studio you can also review reframed video before publishing.

As per Facebook,

“Smart Crop will optimize for the main subject in the content, keeping the main subjects centered and in-frame. You will be able to publish this video directly within Creator Studio, and can review the reframed video prior to publishing. You can also compare the reframed version with the original prior to publishing to decide which version you’d like to publish.”

What’s the back story?

Back in March, Facebook’s started testing a new ‘Smart Cropping’ option for video editing within Creator Studio, which utilizes machine learning in order to identify areas of most interest within your video content, and then provides auto-edits based on these calculations

Facebook uses similar technology with its Portal video calling device, which automatically pans and zooms as you chat, ensuring speakers always remain in frame. Portal will also automatically widen when someone else enters the room, and this is the same type of object recognition that Facebook’s now applying to its automated video cropping, which sounds as though it could produce variable results. But for certain types of uploads, it could also save you a heap of time.

At the least, if you’re working with a lot of video, it could be worth an experiment. The new feature is now available in Creator Studio in the ‘Upload Video’ component of the post creation flow.

Now, Facebook is making its new Smart Cropping feature more widely available, with the option now accessible in the video upload flow within Creator Studio

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