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Facebook Launches New Legal Actions Against Counterfeit Defenders

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Counterfeit good being sells on the Facebook platform? Find out here 

Facebook had launched a new legal action against a fake Gucci company that is using Facebook and Instagram accounts for selling counterfeit products online. 

As explained by Facebook:

“Facebook, Inc. and Gucci America, Inc. sued an individual in the United States District Court, Northern District of California for breach of Facebook and Instagram’s Terms and infringement of Gucci’s intellectual property rights. Specifically, the defendant used multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts to evade Facebook’s enforcement efforts and continue to promote the sale of counterfeit Gucci products.” 

Facebook notes that its terms on both Facebook and Instagram strictly prohibit IP infringement, including the sale or promotion of counterfeit products.  

Facebook has never partnered with law firms before, and this is the latest in their ongoing legal enforcement efforts to reduce in-app abuse and crimes.

Moreover, the lawsuit reflects Facebook’s growing interest in eCommerce and establishing clear rules for doing business on their platforms.

Furthermore, Facebook recently announced a new update to their Commerce & Ads IP Tool, which allows businesses to upload uploaded images of their products for comparison against official Facebook listings and Instagram listings.

The new legal action will hopefully help Facebook set a clear legal precedent for punishment over similar platform misuse, and allow brands to protect their IP on the platform more effectively.

Considering Facebook’s broader push for on-platform shopping, this is an important step that ideally should provide more assurance to both businesses and buyers regarding the legitimacy of the products being sold on the platform.

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