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Facebook Launches New Legal Action

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A company which purchases domain names similar to Facebook with the intention of duping users via phishing scams was targeted by Facebook’s latest legal action.

Action was taken to stop people misusing its platforms and branding

Facebook has stated:

“This week, we filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania against New Ventures Services Corp. (NVSC), a company that has repeatedly engaged in cybersquatting activities. NVSC registered hundreds of lookalike domain names that could be used to deceive people by impersonating Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.”

Companies using Facebook domain name

As part of our ongoing efforts to disincentivize criminal activity on Facebook, and to establish clear legal precedents for punishment around evolving forms of cybercrime, this legal action is the latest in Facebook’s ongoing series of legal actions against channel misuse.

The prosecution of those who conduct such activities can help to deter future cases and provide Facebook with a strong legal foundation from which to enforce the platform’s rules.

It is important to address this issue in numerous ways, which, beyond punishing the perpetrators individually, could also facilitate the evolution of relevant laws for these emerging behaviors.  

Thus, Facebook should continue to take legal action against such activity.

In addition, keep a close eye on scams of this nature, and make sure you check any sent emails judiciously.

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