New Feature Has Been Launched for Facebook Buletin

Facebook makes feature changes in this platform
Facebook’s CEO announced new changes coming to Facebook

Famous Social Media giant and biggest networking site Facebook is rolling out a new beta test for the newsletter platform Bulletin to help publishers and writers set their subscriber base.

As per Facebook,

“Through Bulletin, we want to support these creators, and unify our existing tools with something that could more directly support great writing and audio content from podcasts to Live Audio Rooms all in one place. We respect the work of writers and want to be clear that anyone who partners with us will have complete editorial independence. طريقة لعب الطاولة ”  


Interestingly, Facebook is putting a lot of emphasis on the writers’ editorial independence as they might be anticipating people’s concern over what data and content Facebook will claim for themselves. 

With Bulletin, creators will own the rights to their content and subscribers list although, the platform will still be dependent on Facebook’s infrastructure. For example, readers don’t have to have a Facebook account to access free content but will need to use Facebook Pay for any transactions.

An account seems to also be necessary to enjoy some of the subscription perks, such as being a member of special Facebook groups. طريقة لعبة اونو Similarly, Bulletin will be on a separate site, but its articles and podcasts will appear in users’ Facebook News Feed and within the Facebook News sections for distribution. 

In addition to writing, Bulletin also seeks to get podcasters to join their platform as well. Their announcement states Bulletin will soon include tools that allow the distribution of podcasts, including those that are hosted elsewhere, with additional audio features that remain unspecified for now.

Creators will have access to Facebook’s existing tools like Facebook Live and Audio Rooms to connect with their audience and keep the discussion going with some moderation tools like turning off comments or allowing only paid subscribers to comment altogether. العاب الصبر


The bulletin states that they are keeping branding entirely writer-focused. Each author’s profile looks and feels more like a separate website for their blog, giving creators control over their title page, logo, color palette and any use of multimedia embeds and stylization in their articles. While this may sound similar to early 2010s WordPress blogs with an added bonus of included analytics, what sets Bulletin apart from its competitors like Substack and Revue is its current business model.

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