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Facebook is Now Suggesting Topics for Users to Follow in Feeds

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Facebook is now suggesting topics to show in the user’s newsfeed to increase user engagement.

Genuinely it’s trying to increase its user engagement by letting them to revolve around some specific topics.

As explained by Facebook:

“We may use topics to show you posts, videos, and other content we think you may like.”

Last week, Facebook also announced a similar new business discovery feature via related Page recommendations below posts in the News Feed, one of the latest efforts to expand users’ horizons as to the content available on the platform.

Furthermore, it has recently expanded its related discussion prompts to more users, hoping to help identify more interesting content.

In combination, this could also extend Facebook’s reach, resulting in increased engagement and activity.

Facebook users can now see specific topics in newsfeed

By limiting users’ experiences with ads, Fb will also be able to find more in-depth users. Apple’s coming IDFA update will make it harder for companies like Facebook to track in-app interest in real-time.

Facebook can still tie into their profile to identify specific topics and use a tracking tool based on their activity to get more users to follow them explicitly.

The effectiveness is impossible to predict – who knows how many people will choose a topic in life and receive more of that kind of more general content on their Fb feed.

However, given the potential for expanded engagement and interaction, it isn’t unreasonable for Facebook to experiment, as it may also help Facebook better understand what kind of audiences it’s seeking out, rather than just the people it’s connecting with.

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