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Facebook Announces New Integration with Spotify

Spotify tracks will be shared with a new option, which will allow any user with the Spotify app installed on their phone to listen to that music or podcast right on their Facebook feed.  

Facebook stated:

The new feature, which will introduce a mini-player experience within Facebook, will make it easier for you to connect your Spotify listening experience with your Facebook community. You can share what you’re listening to with your friends and others who share your interests. And if you want, you can tell them why it’s meaningful to you.”

The specifics of the partnership:

As a result of an expansion of its partnership with Spotify, Facebook users will have the opportunity to share/listen to full-length music tracks and podcast episodes directly through Facebook, without opening a third-party app. 

The playback will continue while you browse Facebook as you prefer, and when your phone’s display is turned off.

Subscribers can listen to Spotify in-stream via Facebook

There are a few different Spotify integrations on Facebook, including the option to share a song on your Fb profile, which can be accessed directly through Spotify.

You can even share Spotify links via Facebook and Instagram Stories.

Facebook’s own plans:

Spotify has also been incorporated into Facebook’s experimental ‘Tuned’ app from its NPE team, so there is a relatively strong integration history between the two companies, which benefits both companies.

Facebook has also recently announced that it plans on launching its own in-app podcast player, separate from those for Spotify, that will allow podcasters to distribute their shows on Facebook’s Page.

The development of this new feature could upset Spotify and Facebook’s alliance, but too early to tell yet.

No matter how these new music options are implemented, whether they are useful or not, they might help Facebook push more engagement around new tracks and artists.

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