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Facebook Adds New Photo ‘Layouts’ Feature

Facebook has developed a new function in its post composer tools which provides new features such as allowing you to add new frames and themes. Also modifying the way that users post visuals on to the application.

Facebook has been working on these new types of visual presentation formats, the tram has been experimenting with new tools and layouts increasingly.

The new feature isn’t available for every user though and it is still unclear why that is.

Facebook has a new layout feature to spice up your posts

There are many post composer tools that are currently available on the Facebook application, they allow users to edit the layout and composition of posts when multiple pictures are uploaded as a post.

These post composition tools allow users to create more engaging and aesthetically pleasing posts through the use of the layouts and themes that they’ve designed.

Why does Facebook keep experimenting?

The function of these design modifications and tools is to keep engaging people and to always innovate how they interact with applications like Facebook.

It is very easy for tools and modifications like this to become stale and boring once users become familiarized with them.

The reason why applications like Facebook develop more and more nee features like the post composer tools is to keep the users experience of their app fresh.

These posts are a welcome change to the range of design tools that Facebook hosts.

It hasn’t designed this tool for the use of brands although this function can help elevate promotional posts and make them aesthetically pleasing as well which can help brands reach a wider audience and increase their revenues.

It is unclear when Facebook will release this new functions to all their users. Users will see more functions and tools being released on the app since the company is always experimenting and designing new tools that it can put to use on its application.

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